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Hunkar begendi / sultan`s favourite : Dish of the Week

While traveling by ship to Egypt, Empress Eugenie stopped by the port of Istanbul and visited Sultan Abdulaziz in his palace. Bringing her cook accompanying her to the palace on her way to Egypt, Empress Eugenie asks her cook to make a béchamel sauce for Sultan Abdulaziz and herself during this visit. Eugenie’s cook prepares the béchamel sauce, and at that time, the head chef of the palace cuisine adds roasted eggplant to the béchamel sauce, and puts Sultan’s favorite meat dish on top of this mix, and presents it to Sultan Abdulaziz and his guest Empress Eugenie. Sultan Abdulaziz liked this dish so much that after that day, this dish became famous all over the country and the world as Hünkar Beğendi 


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